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Mission Statement

Jhalak Dance Academy is a new and upcoming company which aims to offer classes in various forms of dance. We wish to develop a relationship with our students, which allows us to not only teach dance, but have fun along the way. We aim to one day be one of the top dance academies in the nation, and wish to promote the benefits of dance throughout the world. Our goal is to teach high quality dance to anyone with the passion to dance.


About Us

Jhalak Dance Academy offers Kathak, Bollywood, and Acrobat dance classes. We pride ourself on the quality of instruction in all of our dance classes.  We are talented, well trained, dance instructors in Kathak, Bollywood, and Acrobat. Moreover, we are fully committed to teaching the students, and helping them achieve their potential. Our focus is on making all dance students their very best. Come join us, we can’t wait to meet you.

At Jhalak we aim to spread the culture of dance into the lives of not only Indians, but people of all cultures and religion. Our belief is “Anybody can Dance.” We offer a special package for those with financial limitations to be able to learn dance and excel in it. Jhalak Dance Academy believes in the motto: “Dance with your Heart!” With this motto, Jhalak will continue to teach and thrive to all those with a passion for dance.

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