Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition

Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition


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Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition is coming to your city for the first time! This competition will be held on August 1 – 2. Due to COVID19, this year we will be holding this competition online LIVE on Zoom. Bring your talent and confidence to compete amongst talented dancers.

This year the competition will only be for solo participants. Timings are listed in registration portal. Participants will be divided into 5 categories according to grade and age. The categories are as listed:

  • 3rd grade and below
  • 4th-6th grade
  • 7th-10th grade
  • 11th grade- 29 years
  • 30 years and above

Performance can be up to 3 minutes. The music must be in mp3 file and must be added to files on Dance Studio Pro. Registration fees (per participant):

– 1 competition: $15
– 2 competitions: $25
– 3 competitions: $40


1. To enter Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition, participants must agree to be bound by the following rules and indicate acceptance while completing their registration.
2. Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition reserves the right to solely determine eligibility for the reasons stated herein or on any other reasonable basis.
3. Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition reserves the right to make alterations to the rules at any time and participants must agree to abide by the most recent version of the rules. Participants are accordingly advised to refer to the rules document before the competition and review the rules document available on the Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition website periodically.
4. By entering into any of the competitions, it is agreed that participants will not hold Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition, employees or volunteers responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while in attendance and/or participating. Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss or damage to either contestant or spectators.

General Rules:

1. Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition will host all competitions under the “Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition” banner for all age groups.
2. The various events will be held on the following days: August 1 & 2, 2020.
3. Participants must complete the online registration form available at www.jhalakdanceacademy.com and submit the mandatory registration fees on or before the due date to secure their participation confirmation. Your spot is not confirmed unless payment is received.
4. For all group events, the group leaders must register themselves first and provide the names of all the members of their group in the comments/notes field. In addition to this, each individual in the group will also need to register separately. (NO GROUP EVENTS FOR 2020 DUE TO COVID19)
5. Registration opens June 17, 2020. Registration closes July 16, 2020.
6. Organizers, at their discretion, may accept registrations after the last date for an additional fee (walk-in registration fees).
7. Organizers reserve the right to close or extend the deadline for registration for selected events. Any extension of the registration deadline will be announced through the Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition portal.
8. Registration fees (per participant):
– 1 competition: $15
– 2 competitions: $25
– 3 competitions: $40

*Please note: Walk in registrations are not guaranteed and highly discouraged.

9. Participants should upload their sound track via the registration portal by July 20, 2020.
10. Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition is not responsible for any claims of copyright violations.
11. Jhalak Dhamaka Dance Competition reserves the right to publish videos on Jhalak Dance Academy’s social media and emails.
12. Participants should bring their own supplies (dance costumes, props, music, etc.) required for their events.
13. Participants should report at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the event on Zoom. Participants who arrive after the conclusion of their event will not be allowed to participate and their registration for that event will be deemed cancelled and the registration fees will not be reimbursed. The participant may still participate in other events for which they have registered provided they show up on time.
14. Participants shall not receive any communication from the organizers if they fail to report at the venue on time.