Don’t let your child be bored during this pandemic! Jhalak Dance Academy has various themed Summer Camp Boxes that will be delivered or shipped to your home. One Summer Camp Box is $139 (Limited Time Only!) which includes 5 days of activities for dance, arts & crafts, theatre, science and math & reading. Price will change to $169 after introductory enrollment period. The box will include material for all activities and instructions. We will also provide dance videos. Each box will be customized towards your child’s age. We will have one short call in the evening at 5pm on Zoom to share what all the children did. On Friday we will have a show & tell with all parents and a dance party!

  • Summer Camp Boxes will be hand delivered to nearby locations. If shipping is required, price will be added to Sumer Camp Box price (around $20 – 30).
  • Payment can be submitted via Venmo or Check (payable to Jhalak Dance Academy) delivered to 21339 Village Green Circle Germantown, MD 20876.

Please fill this order form out to get a Summer Camp Box. We will stop accepting orders for Summer Camp Boxes 2 weeks before the start of the scheduled Summer Camp.